destruction in its puriest form

X true till death X

Richmond, Indiana, United States
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25 ta life, against the grain, all out war, all that remains, american nightmare, as i lay dying, bleeding through, botch, casey jones, cast aside, chain of strength, converge, curl up and die, damnation ad, dancing, dead soil, defiance, earth crisis, edge of quarrel, embrace today, everytime i die, gorilla biscuts, handsxdown, hardline, hatebreed, hellfest, in my eyes, integrity, kids like us, lamb of god, martyr ad, merauder, minor threat, most precious blood, one king down, path of resistance, point of no return, poisen free, poisen the well, remembering never, shai hulud, shockwave, side by side, ssd, straight edge, strife, suffocate faster, sworn enemy, ten yard fight, terror, throwdown, unearth, veganism, xdisciplex ad, xrisenx, youth of today, zao
this is the community for us true edge kids, who love our hardcore... fuck these "fashion core" communities, and you dont have to be beautiful to join... you just have to be true to your edge.

application! (copy and paste this in the entry)


1. Who are you? Where are you located? How old are you?
2. Why did you claim edge, or to be drug free? (and if you dont know dont waste your time applying)
3. Ten favorite bands (No more, no less)
4. Last show?
5. Favorite movies?
6. If you weren't on the computer, what would you be doing?
7. Why should you be accepted?
8. Pictures (at least three, no more than six)
9. Promote us in three different places (Post links of each place too)

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